Be it figuring out the best foods for your personal needs, using foods medicinally, reclaiming your health, deciphering nutrition labels, or learning basic cooking skills, let us help you navigate.

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Holistic, Functional Nutrition Counseling Services

To sign up for services or receive a free 20 minute strategy session to see if we are a good fit, contact us.

Holistic/functional nutrition counseling
Great for those striving to achieve optimal health through diet and lifestyle changes. Available in person on via Zoom. Includes:
-personalized dietary and lifestyle recommendations based on nutrition pattern analysis, personal health and wellness goals, review of symptoms and lab work
-one-on-one coaching to meet your goals
-recipes, relevant handouts
-communication in between sessions
-coordination with other providers where applicable

Initial session up to 1.5 hrs, plus brief follow up to discuss recommendations.
Follow up nutrition counseling sessions, 3 month initial commitment, with 45 minute sessions:
-Golden Zucchini program (4 counseling sessions per month)
-Silver Beet program (2 counseling sessions per month)
-Grilled Artichoke* program (1 counseling session, 1 cooking lesson per month)
-Bronze Fennel program (1 counseling session per month)

*recipes and skills will tie into work being completed in nutritional counseling sessions; cost of groceries and kitchen equipment not included. Local clients only please.

Kitchen and pantry refinement
With the intention of promoting health and wellness, we go through your kitchen, from cabinets to freezer, as well as cooking utensil, food storage, and kitchen cleaning supply cabinets. We will discuss how to identify real food versus unhealthy ingredients as well as what else to look for on labels. Receive receive personalized recommendations for how to achieve a more health-promoting space, from suggestions for healthier ingredients to keep on hand, to ideas on modifying cookware, food storage containers, and cleaning supplies. This is especially helpful for those with environmental sensitivities, weight loss difficulties, and newly diagnosed food allergies. Register here.

Offsite field trips: Grocery or kitchen store
Learn to find the freshest real foods at the best prices and obtain a shopping strategy based on your family’s needs and preferences. Or get help separating all the shiny specialty gadgets from the basic necessities. Register here.

by Lawren Rose Photography

Upcoming Schedule

Seasonally inspired classes promoting health and wellness through whole foods.

Fearless Fermentation Winter Edition, TBD
Register here.

Let’s get busy in the kitchen as we learn to make delicious traditionally lactofermented vegetables! Seasonal menu to be released soon. You’ll be amazed at how quick and easy it is to preserve your own veggies, enjoy their health benefits, and save money at the grocery store.
We will learn how to make brine, and then you will pack 4, one-quart jars with organic produce and spices. You will complete the fermentation process at home over the next several weeks. You will also receive handouts, a recipe packet, and access to a private Facebook group for fermenting support. 2 hrs. Class held in West Plano, address released to registrants.

Herbal Home Remedies Make & Take, TBD
Register here.

As cold and flu season approaches, be prepared with an herbal arsenal. We will discuss herbs and other natural immune supports, and then make elderberry syrup, master tonic/fire cider, autumn-inspired immune-boosting chai, and elderberry gummies. Organic ingredients will be used when possible. You will take home an 8 oz jar of finished elderberry syrup, a 32 oz jar of started master tonic with instructions on how to complete it at home, a jar of immune-boosting chai tea blend, information about immune-boosting herbs and spices, and a recipe packet. 2.5 hours. West Plano address released to registrants. 

Healthy Cooking Foundations, TBD
In this hands-on group class we will cover the basic techniques to have you cooking confidently in no time. Knife skills, food safety, temperature control, reading recipes, and other concepts will be discussed in this crash course, during which time we will prepare a seasonally inspired salad with dressing, an entrée, a side, and a quick and easy healthy dessert.

Detoxify Your Home Workshop/Make & Take, TBD
In this class we will identify common toxins found throughout the average home. We will then discuss a strategy to slowly start replacing common toxics found around the home, including recommended brands. Last, we will make several safe cleaning products that you will be able to take home, including a multipurpose cleaner, a degreasing formula, and another helpful product. ~3 hrs.


Hand-crafted small batch fire cider, made using a proprietary blend of organic herbs, spices, and citrus. Designed to pack a powerful punch for respiratory symptoms. As fire cider takes 6 weeks to infuse, you are pre-ordering from batches that will be available in the future; you will be notified of an exact date upon placing your order. The last batch will be available for pick up in mid-December. Reserve a bottle.

Elderberry syrup made in small batches using a propriety spice blend designed to be anti-viral. Contains all organic ingredients and filtered water. Can be made within 48 hours of most orders. Purchase a bottle.

Please note: Use of these products or services does not replace seeking medical advice from a qualified medical professional. These products and services are not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition. 

Personalized & Group Culinary Services

If group classes aren’t your thing, consider one-on-one lessons covering exactly what you’re wanting to learn! Our curriculums are flexible, with the goal of helping you learn basic cooking skills to prepare any recipe.  

Customized cooking lessons
Practice knife skills and from-scratch cooking techniques, learn food safety and storage tips, discover how to read and modify recipes, and receive suggestions for how to better use equipment you already own. Includes a personalized recipe packet from the class with ingredient information. Ingredients are not included in cost. Register here.

Group lessons
Find some friends and get creative in the kitchen! Custom classes and menus upon request. Ingredients are not included in the cost. Register here!


Where do we meet for nutrition counseling?
We can meet at our location in west Plano (address provided to clients) or virtually.

What are my options for nutrition counseling?
You can find pricing, packages, and payment options here, under “Nutrition Support.” Take advantage of our free 20 minute strategy session to see if we are a good fit. Please note that if you are a new client, you must choose the Nutrition Counseling Initial Session to get started.

As a nutrition counseling client, where can I find the initial paperwork?
We will email it to you upon scheduling the intake session. However, we will not review it until payment is made.

Where do we cook for individual lessons?We typically travel to clients’ homes to give lessons. This is because, in our own kitchens, we know how everything works. We know how hot our oven runs compared to the dial (+5°F). We know which pot is more likely to scorch (the thin one), which baking sheets warp from the heat (the shiny ones), which knife is actually sharp enough to cut the butternut squash (the big one). But this specific knowledge is specific to our own kitchens. It won’t help you to be completely successful in yours if we don’t meet there. We will figure out together how to tackle any problems you have in your own kitchen, better utilize the tools and equipment you already have lying around, and even determine the one simple item you are missing that will ensure your success (like this thermometer).

How far do will you travel to give an individual lesson?
We will travel up to a 15 mile radius of 75093 depending on availability.

Where do groups meet for lessons?
Groups will meet at a predetermined location.

How do I get access to the private Facebook group?
Please make sure I have your email address, and once you attend an appointment or class you will be added using that email address.